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Our performance

easyJet's ‘on time performance' (OTP)

Getting our passengers to their destinations on time is a key focus for easyJet. Every three months we will update this page with our most recent punctuality numbers.

How do we measure our OTP?

The time of each arrival is recorded automatically via the ACARS system in the aircraft and sent directly to our operational control centre. Some other airlines have alternative methods to measure OTP including manual inputting which can be subject to inaccuracies and even abuse. The automatic system easyJet has in place ensures that we can correctly measure the time our passengers arrive at their destination.

About easyJet's network

easyJet flies between more primary airports on more popular routes across Europe than any other airline. These airports offer our passengers a greater connectivity across Europe, however they tend to be busier and more subject to slot constraints and curfews than smaller airfields located further away from Europe's main cities. Nonetheless, we do everything we can to get passengers to their destination on time.

H1 2014 with 2013 comparison

OTP % arrivals within 15 minutes

Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar H1
FY’14 86% 93% 84% 90% 91% 91% 89%
FY’13 88% 89% 81% 86% 85% 87% 86%

easyJet continues to deliver best in class On Time Performance (OTP) recording a year on year three percentage point improvement in a benign operating environment.

Q2 2012 performance

Q1 2012 performance

Q4 2011 performance

Q3 2011 performance

Q2 2011 performance