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Our performance

easyJet's ‘on time performance' (OTP)

Getting our passengers to their destinations on time is a key focus for easyJet. Every three months we will update this page with our most recent punctuality numbers.

How do we measure our OTP?

The time of each arrival is recorded automatically via the ACARS system in the aircraft and sent directly to our operational control centre. Some other airlines have alternative methods to measure OTP including manual inputting which can be subject to inaccuracies and even abuse. The automatic system easyJet has in place ensures that we can correctly measure the time our passengers arrive at their destination.

About easyJet's network

easyJet flies between more primary airports on more popular routes across Europe than any other airline. These airports offer our passengers a greater connectivity across Europe, however they tend to be busier and more subject to slot constraints and curfews than smaller airfields located further away from Europe's main cities. Nonetheless, we do everything we can to get passengers to their destination on time.

H1 2016 with 2015 comparison

easyJet’s strong operational and cost performance is built around ensuring aircraft depart and arrive on time. This minimises the costs of disruption and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

On Time Performance for the period was 82%, a solid performance despite the negative impact of French Air Traffic Control strikes, capacity restrictions from Brest ATC and on-going congestion at London Gatwick which has a major knock-on impact on the rest of the network. This was in addition to cancellations and delays due to terrorism-related events at Sharm el-Sheikh and Brussels. During the period easyJet cancelled 1,374 flights compared to 683 flights in the first half of 2015.

OTP % arrivals within 15 minutes

October November December January February March H1
FY’16 82% 84% 79% 84% 83% 79% 82%
FY’15 86% 91% 83% 85% 86% 86% 86%

easyJet is putting in place a number of initiatives in order to secure resilient On Time Performance for the future and enable easyJet to leverage its increasing scale and expertise in working at busy, capacity-constrained primary airports:

  • Roll out of Auto-Bag drop: Gatwick’s auto-bag drop area is now the biggest in the world, with average transaction times of 70 seconds and 95% of our customers now wait less than five minutes
  • Working with Tower and Air Traffic to better manage ground and airborne congestion
  • Dedicated easyJet stands that improve ground handling efficiency and customer perception of boarding
  • Infrastructure improvements at Gatwick that include a new crew room and a centralised operations room
  • Increased investment in maintenance and engineering resilience
  • Resolved baggage handling arrangements with our Gatwick supplier