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January 2016

easyJet celebrates its 20th birthday at Aberdeen

easyJet, Europe’s leading airline, is today (26th January) celebrating twenty years of flying from Aberdeen.

February 2016

easyJet celebrates the opening of its Venice base – the first for business travel in NE Italy

Venice is easyJet’s 27th base in Europe • easyJet will base four A319 Airbus aircraft and provide 150 local jobs • More choice with 10 new destinations and more flights on existing routes.

February 2016

easyJet continues Scottish expansion with launch of two new routes to Venice and Vienna

easyJet, Scotland’s largest airline, has today (3 February) launched flights from Edinburgh to Venice.

March 2016

easyJet launches new route between Malta and Geneva

easyJet, Europe’s leading airline, has today launched a new route from Malta to Geneva.

May 2016

World’s largest self-service bag drop opens at London Gatwick Airport

State-of-the-art facility will help easyJet eliminate queues and aims to enhance the airport experience for customers.

August 2016

easyJet announces new ski route to Sweden from London Gatwick

Flights to Åre Östersund will commence on 11 December 2016.

November 2016

easyJet starts the only direct scheduled flights between Newcastle and Berlin in addition to new Gran Canaria route

Only direct scheduled flight between Newcastle and Berlin Schoenefeld started today making connecting between the two easier than ever before.

December 2016

easyJet celebrates fifth anniversary of industry-leading and award-winning mobile app

Most loved airline app in Europe has reached over 19 million downloads, achieved top App Store placements and led with innovative world and European firsts.


January 2015

easyJet confirms move to single terminal at London Gatwick

Plans are now underway for the consolidation to a single terminal in autumn 2016 which aims to create an easier and improved travel experience for passengers travelling from London Gatwick.

February 2015

easyJet adds three new routes for summer 2015

easyJet, the UK’s largest airline, has today (18 February) announced the launch of a three new routes for summer 2015 - London Gatwick to Preveza in Greece and Pula in Croatia and Stansted to Monastir in Tunisia.

February 2015

easyJet unveils new livery for its twentieth year of flying

easyJet, the UK’s largest airline, has launched a new aircraft livery - the first change to the look of the airline’s iconic white and orange fleet since easyJet.com replaced the call centre number on the fuselage in 1998.

April 2015

easyJet takes delivery of its 250th Airbus aircraft

Europe's and one of the world's biggest A320 family airlines celebrates milestone in Hamburg with partners Airbus and CFM.

June 2015

‘Appy Days’ – easyJet launches new iPhone app

easyJet, Europe’s leading airline, has, on 30 June, launched a new iPhone app that includes a range of new features designed to make travel simpler and easier for passengers. Since the launch of easyJet’s first iPhone app in 2011 the app has evolved from easy booking and check-in functionality to include popular features like passport scanning, live flight tracking, mobile boarding passes and Touch ID. It is also now complimented by the easyJet Apple Watch app.

October 2015

easyJet announces recruitment of over 1100 cabin crew and pilots as it opens new crew training centre

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin officially opens new state-of-the-art European training facility at London Gatwick.

October 2015

easyJet celebrates 20 years of low airfares with research on changing consumer prices

easyJet, the UK’s largest and Europe’s leading airline, has commissioned some research in the lead up to its 20th birthday on how much the price of popular products have changed since the airline started in 1995.

November 2015

easyJet launches Flight Club – revolutionary low fares airline loyalty scheme

easyJet, Europe's leading airline, has announced that following a successful trial it is to introduce a recognition scheme for its most frequent travellers, Flight Club, which will reward loyalty and provide flexibility for frequent flyers.

November 2015

easyJet Celebrates Its 20th Birthday With Special Aircraft Livery And Unveiling Of Futuristic Uniforms

Airline marks two decades of low fares, friendly service and unrivalled network with special livery aircraft displaying more than 100,000 of its customers’ holiday pictures. Announces trial of innovative wearable technology for crew and engineers.


March 2014

easyJet celebrates its historic deal with Airbus

easyJet commemorated its June 2013 deal with Airbus for 135 Airbus A320 aircraft in Paris on 19 March 2014. The occasion was marked with an official signing ceremony which was attended by Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive of easyJet, Frédéric Cuvillier, Minister of Transport, Hunting and Fishing and Fabrice Brégier, CEO and President of Airbus. easyJet's Airbus order was the largest placed by any European airline to date.

March 2014

easyJet opens its Naples base as part of its Italian expansion plan

On 27 March 2014 easyJet opened its new base in Naples - easyJet’s third in Italy and 24th in its European network. The base was opened as a key part of the airline’s expansion plans in the country which will increase capacity by more than 6 per cent for Summer 2014 versus the same period the previous year.

easyJet celebrated this important milestone in Italy during a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris and the President of the Region of Campania Stefano Caldoro, as well as the CEO of GESAC Spa, Armando Brunini.

March 2014

easyJet opens its Hamburg Base

On 31 March 2014 easyJet opened its new base in Hamburg - easyJet’s second in Germany after Berlin and 23rd in its European network.

Chris Kennedy, CFO of easyJet and Thomas Haagensen, easyJet Country Director Germany, celebrated this important milestone in the airline expansion plan in Hamburg during a ceremony attended by Senator Mr Horch, Hamburg Airport CEO Mr Eggenschwiler and Mr von Albedyll of Hamburg Tourism and Marketing.

April 2014

easyJet celebrates 450th world Shakespeare Day with world record performance

easyJet, the UK’s largest airline, celebrated the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth (23 April) with a Guinness World Record performance by the Reduced Shakespeare Company of his complete works during a flight from London Gatwick to Verona.

The play lasted one hour and easyJet hopes to set a Guinness World Record in the process for the ‘highest theatrical performance’ at 37,000ft.

The performance was the final part of the airline’s month long UK campaign to make 23 April National Shakespeare Day.

May 2014

easyJet applies latest, cutting edge technology for the first time in aviation

In May 2014, easyJet announced it will be applying new and innovative technologies to help operate its fleet of 220 Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft even more efficiently and reduce delays while maintaining its industry leading punctuality and safety records.

In partnership with with Coptercraft, Measurement Solutions and Bristol Robotics Laboratory to modify existing technology so that drones can be employed to inspect its fleet of Airbus aircraft.

Alongside the drone technology, easyJet is looking at deploying 3D Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology by Epson and Vuzix which enables a remote engineering team to see exactly what a pilot or engineer is seeing using virtual reality glasses. The glasses use the world’s first high definition see through display system, providing augmented reality helping easyJet to remotely diagnose a technical issue.

easyJet’s engineering department also worked with Output42 to develop their own bespoke apps which will allow our engineers to perform certain day-to-day issues more efficiently and enable easyJet to return aircraft to service more quickly.

In addition, Panasonic Toughpads will replace laptops and printed navigational charts in all of easyJet’s cockpits by the end of June 2014. The tablets will also make easyJet one of the first airlines to use this type of device in all phases of flight and on the ground. Alongside new ‘e-paper’ technology created by Sony, this could completely eradicate printed forms in the cabin; this would mean an entirely paperless plane. This new Digital Paper is the latest lightweight design from Sony which makes it feel like the user is writing on paper.


January 2013

easyJet wins rights to fly the last great monopoly route in European aviation between Milan-Linate and Rome-Fiumicino

easyJet was awarded the rights to fly between Milan Linate airport and Rome Fiumicino airport in a landmark decision by the Italian competition authority (AGCM) in October 2012. As a result, easyJet launched flights from early 2013 operating Airbus A319s on five services a day between the two airports.

February 2013

60m passenger milestone

easyJet reached the milestone of more than 60m passengers travelled with the airline in the 12 months for the first time in the year to 31 May 2013.

March 2013

easyJet launches first ever flights between London and Moscow

On 18 March 2013, easyJet the UK's largest and Europe’s leading airline, launched its flights between London Gatwick and Moscow – the airline's 100th route operating from Gatwick Airport. easyJet celebrated the first flight and historic day with a unique Moscow aircraft livery and traditional Russian Cossack dancers.

A group of leading independent, British businesses selected by the British Chamber of Commerce, accompanied easyJet's inaugural flight as part of a trade mission to showcase the quality and range of British exports ranging from confectioners and whisky manufacturers to IT and insurance.

March 2013

easyJet lightens the load with new lightweight seats, trollies and sharklets

easyJet introduced a raft of measures to improve fuel efficiency and reduce C02 emissions. The fuel savings will come through a new, lighter seat and lightweight trolleys onboard along with aerodynamic improvements like sharklets, an enlarged wing tip which make the wing more efficient.

The new Recaro seats were fitted onto all new aircraft to be delivered to easyJet. 14 of those between now and September 2014, the first of which will enter service in April 2013. Sharklets were be fitted on all new aircraft deliveries from August 2013, with eight delivered by the end of summer 2014. The new lightweight trolleys were used on all easyJet's aircraft from April 2013.

June 2013

easyJet plc announces fleet plans

Following a highly competitive fleet selection process, easyJet plc ("easyJet" or the "Company") announced that, subject to shareholder approval, it had entered into arrangements (the "New Framework Arrangements") with Airbus S.A.S. ("Airbus") to acquire 35 Current Generation A320 Aircraft for delivery between 2015 and 2017 under its existing agreement and 100 New Generation A320neo Aircraft for delivery from 2017 until 2022, under a new agreement. Under this new agreement, Airbus also granted the Company the right, but not the obligation, to acquire up to 100 further New Generation A320neo Family Aircraft.

June 2013

easyJet marks expansion at London Southend Airport

easyJet celebrated two major milestones at London Southend Airport on 20 June 2013. To further enhance the airline’s expansion and network of destinations from London Southend, easyJet added a fourth aircraft to its fleet based at the airport. The additional plane enabled the launch of three new easyJet destinations to Berlin, Krakow and Newquay.

easyJet marked the addition of the fourth aircraft and its inaugural Newquay flight with a fun send-off by the London Southend Airport Fire Service’s 40ft high water arch salute send-off of the aircraft before it took-off.

September 2013

easyJet plans new base in Hamburg, Germany expansion of its Berlin base

easyJet announced on 25 September 2013 that it will open a base in Hamburg as well as increasing its fleet in Berlin in Spring 2014. The announcement was made by chief executive Carolyn McCall at an event at Airbus’ facilities in Hamburg.

Building on its success in both Hamburg and Berlin, easyJet’s new base will open with three A319 aircraft with the airline increasing its fleet in Berlin by an additional plane.

easyJet will more than double its network from Hamburg with 15 additional new business and leisure routes on the top of its existing portfolio of six routes offering almost 170 flights a week during summer 2014. With more frequencies and early morning departures from Hamburg the schedule will make easyJet more attractive to business passengers.

November 2013

easyJet, Airbus and Nicarnica Aviation successfully create first ever significant artificial ash cloud for test purposes.

easyJet, along with its partners Airbus and Nicarnica Aviation, successfully completed the final stage of testing for the AVOID (Airborne Volcanic Object Identifier and Detector) volcanic ash technology through a unique experiment involving the creation of an artificial ash cloud.

An A400M Airbus test plane dispersed one tonne of Icelandic ash into the atmosphere at between 9,000ft and 11,000ft thereby creating conditions consistent with the 2010 Eyjafjallajokull eruption. A second Airbus test aircraft, an A340-300, with the AVOID technology fitted, flew towards the ash cloud identifying and measuring it from around 60km away. The experiment also used a small aircraft, a Diamond DA42 from Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences, to fly into the ash cloud to take measurements which help to corroborate the measurements made by the AVOID system.

The AVOID volcanic sensor detected the ash cloud and measured its density which ranged from 0.1 to 1 g m-2 – or concentrations of 100 to 1000 microgram m-3. This is within the range of concentrations measured during the Eyjafjallajokul ash crisis in April and May 2010.


January 2012

easyJet expands its network

easyJet expands its network by opening four new bases in Southend, Lisbon, Nice and Toulouse in the Spring of 2012.

March 2012

easyJet’s marks opening of London Southend - first new airport in South East for decades

On 26 March 2012, easyJet celebrated the launch of its new base at London Southend Airport, (once the third busiest in the UK,) and now the first new airport in the south east for decades. London Southend is 11th easyJet base in the UK. The airline marked the occasion with a special inaugural flight from the new airport to Barcelona. The brand new terminal was officially opened by Secretary of State for Transport, The Rt. Hon. Justine Greening MP.

June 2012

easyJet partners with UNICEF

easyJet proudly announced a three-year pan-European commitment to raising funds for UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s organisation. Funds raised are for the UNICEF ‘Change for Good’ campaign which raises money for UNICEF’s work vaccinating children against deadly diseases.

August 2012

easyJet launches apprenticeship scheme

easyJet announced the launch of its apprentice scheme which will see ten successful applicants working with the airline towards an Advanced Apprenticeship in Aeronautical Engineering. easyJet’s apprenticeship programme is in partnership with Resource Group and its Aviation Maintenance Training Division LRTT.

The apprenticeship scheme consists of a combination of classroom and practical training with the first eight months of scheme providing accredited training both in the classroom and practical training at LRTT at the Cotswold Airport. This is followed by sixteen months of on the job training at easyJet.

October 2012

easyJet wins rights to fly between London and Moscow

In Autumn 2012 easyJet was awarded the rights to fly between Moscow and London and also announced plans for its new flights between Moscow and Manchester.

November 2012

easyJet introduces allocated seating on all flights

easyJet introduced allocated seating on all of its flights – typically over 1000 a day - from 27 November 2012. The airline trialled allocated seating in April with nearly 2 million passengers flying on 12,500 allocated seating flights. In response to the trial’s success, the airline took the decision to roll out allocated seating across the whole network.

The trial took place because passenger research showed that the boarding process could be a source of stress for some customers and in some case, a barrier to them flying with easyJet. The key tests of the trial were to improve passenger satisfaction without impacting easyJet’s ability to deliver industry leading punctuality – all of which were achieved on trial flights.

November 2012

easyJet marks launch of 100th route from London Gatwick

easyJet announced on 1 October 2012 that it had reached the landmark of flying more than 100 routes from London Gatwick Airport - easyJet’s largest base.


January 2011

easyJet expands fleet

easyJet confirms orders for 15 additional Airbus A320 planes.

October 2011

easyJet announces two new bases in France at Nice and Toulouse.

easyJet announced another step in its expansion in France on 6 October 2011, with the opening of two new permanent bases in Nice and Toulouse. Both bases will opened in 2012 with two Airbus 319 aircraft in each bringing the number of easyJet bases in France to five (in addition to Orly, Charles de Gaulle and Lyon) with a total fleet of 24 aircraft.

December 2011

easyJet, Airbus and Nicarnica Aviation team up for high altitude testing of AVOID volcanic ash detection technology

easyJet and Nicarnica Aviation entered a partnership with Airbus to test the AVOID (Airborne Volcanic Object Imaging Detector) ash detection equipment on their A340-300 test aircraft at the speed and altitude of commercial aircraft.

The tests on the A340 include mounting the equipment externally on the left side of the aircraft fuselage, with recording equipment and real-time monitors placed inside the cabin allowing viewing of the sky ahead.

In the event of a volcanic eruption sending ash towards UK airspace, AVOID would give vital, real time information on the actual amounts of ash in the atmosphere. When incorporated into the safe fly protocols now agreed by the industry and overseen by the CAA and other ash measurement data and prediction models operated by the Met Office, this could enable aircraft to fly safely to and from London and the rest of the UK.


February 2010

easyJet becomes the UK's largest airline

easyJet reaches 500 routes and CAA figures show that easyJet has the highest number of passengers flown for the second year in a row.

July 2010

Carolyn McCall joins easyJet as CEO

Carolyn McCall joins easyJet as Chief Executive, taking over from Andy Harrison.

September 2010

easyJet voted Best Low-Fares Airline for tenth consecutive year

Business travellers choose easyJet once again at the Business Traveller magazine awards.

November 2010

Turning Europe Orange

easyJet reaffirms its strategy of 'Turning Europe Orange'.

November 2010

Launch of flexible fares targeted at business travellers

easyJet announces a new flexible fare targeted at business travellers.

November 2010

easyJet celebrates 15th birthday milestone

easyJet, celebrates 15 years of making air travel affordable for all.


June 2009

easyJet becomes a truly pan European airline

easyJet now operates over 400 routes with over 175 aircraft in 27 countries. For the first time, over 50% of our passengers originate from outside the UK.


February 2008

easyJet opens base at Paris Charles De Gaulle

easyJet opens its 19th base at Paris Charles de Gaulle, part of a €600 million investment in the country to double its presence by 2011. The inauguration ceremony was held in front of the Eiffel Tower in the presence of the French Minister for tourism and consumption, Luc Chatel.

April 2008

Lyon becomes easyJet's 20th base

easyJet launched its 20th base in Lyon, the country's second most important economic centre, becoming the first low-fares airline to offer French domestic flights outside of Paris. The decision to open two bases in France within a two-month-period underlined France's importance as one of the key growth markets for easyJet and was part of a major investment aimed at doubling its presence in the country by 2011.


February 2007

Madrid becomes easyJet's 17th base

easyJet's 17th base opens at Madrid's Barajas airport.

March 2007

easyJet moves to new HQ

easyJet moves to its new headquarters in an aircraft hangar at Luton Airport.

October 2007

Acquisition of GB Airways

easyJet completes acquisition of GB Airways, a London Gatwick-based airline operating to destinations across Southern Europe and North Africa.

November 2007

easyJet offers low cost corporate travel

easyJet becomes the first low-cost carrier to enable corporate travel agencies to view and book easyJet flights in the Global Distribution System.


February 2006

Introduction of 'Speedy Boarding'

Speedy Boarding is introduced, giving passengers greater choice over their seating arrangements.


September 2005

Andy Harrison announced as Chief Executive

Andy Harrison is announced as Ray Webster's successor.

November 2005

Ten Years Old

easyJet celebrates its 10th birthday.

December 2005

Fleet expands to 100 aircraft

easyJet takes delivery of its 100th aircraft.


April 2004

New base opens at Berlin Schönefeld

At the time, Berlin Schönefeld is easyJet's largest base outside the UK.


October 2003

First Airbus goes into service

The first Airbus A319 goes into service in Geneva, 12 months after the deal to purchase up to 240 aircraft was announced.


August 2002

easyJet acquires Go

easyJet purchases Stansted based low-cost airline Go (originally set up by British Airways) to create Europe's No.1 air transport network.


June 2001

London Gatwick welcomes easyJet

easyJet makes Gatwick its fifth base and becomes the second largest scheduled airline at the Airport.


November 2000

easyJet floats on the London Stock Exchange

easyJet floats on the London Stock Exchange at an offer price of 310p, valuing the Company at £777m; shortly after, easyJet joins the FTSE250.

November 2000

easyJet turns five

easyJet celebrates its fifth birthday.


January 1999

'Airline' filmed at easyJet

The first series of Airline featuring easyJet staff and passengers is shown on ITV, regularly attracting over 10m viewers.

October 1999

easyJet.com breaks 1m barrier

Online seat sales pass the one million mark.

December 1999

Voted Best Low Cost Airline

easyJet is voted "Best Low Cost Airline" by readers of the Business Traveller magazine for the first time.


March 1998

easyJet buys TEA Basel and launches Swiss operations

easyJet acquires 40% of Swiss charter operation, TEA Basel AG, later renamed "easyJet Switzerland".


April 1997

Launch of easyJet website

easyJet website launches with online bookings available a year later.

October 1997

easyJet receives Air Operating Certificate

easyJet is recognised as a financially viable airline and receives its own Air Operating Certificate.

October 1997

Second base opens at Liverpool

easyJet opens second base at Liverpool Airport with flights to Amsterdam.


April 1996

Expansion into Europe

easyJet takes delivery of its first wholly owned aircraft and goes International with flights from Luton to Amsterdam, Nice and Barcelona.

August 1996

1st ever flight promotion

easyJet launches its first ever flight promotion; over 4 million calls in 4 days.


March 1995

easyJet launches

easyJet founded by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou to offer low-fares flights in Europe.

October 1995


easyJet opens its first headquarters easyLand at Luton Airport. On 23 October, easyJet takes its first ever booking at the telephone reservation centre.

November 1995

Inaugural flights

Flights from London Luton to Glasgow (10th) and Edinburgh (24th), are supported by the advertising campaign "Making flying as affordable as a pair of jeans - £29 one way"