Safety first

easyJet’s highest priority is the safety of its passengers and people. Safety is a guiding principle and informs the decisions made by the company. We continue to develop an open safety culture that promotes continuous improvements in safety performance.

Comprehensive processes and structures are maintained to monitor and manage safety-related risk throughout the airline. The safety management structure is led from the top of the organisation.

The Chief Executive Officer of easyJet Airline Company Limited (EACL), the Accountable Manager of easyJet Switzerland S.A. (EZS) are responsible for all aspects of safety delivery, including compliance obligations, under the EACL Air Operator Certificate and the EZS Air Operator Certificate, respectively. easyJet also has Nominated Persons responsible for safety in certain aspects of the airline’s operations.

The Chief Executive chairs the Safety Review Board which meets monthly to assess reports from the Safety Action Groups across the airline. This review and assessment process delivers monthly reports to both the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the easyJet Board. Safety is always the first item on every meeting of the Board and the monthly meetings of the Executive Management Team. To further strengthen the safety structure and allow more in-depth review of safety matters, the easyJet Board established the Safety Committee in 2013.