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ID requirements - have you got the right one?

ID requirements - have you got the right one?
Whether you're travelling within the UK or abroad, you must be able to identify yourself at check-in. But bear in mind that not all kinds of photographic ID are accepted. You can take any one from the list below, but remember that if you are not able to present one of these forms of ID at check-in, easyJet cannot accept you for travel.

UK domestic flights

  • A valid passport - an expired passport can be used up to a maximum of two years after expiry
  • Valid photographic EU or Swiss national identity card
  • Valid photographic driving licence
  • Valid armed forces identity card
  • Valid police warrant card/badge
  • Valid airport employees security identity pass
  • A child on parent' s passport is an acceptable form of ID
  • CitizenCard
  • Valid photographic firearm certificate
  • Valid Government-issued identity card
  • SMART card
  • Electoral identity card

Acceptable form of non-photographic ID:

  • Pension Book

Children under 16 years of age travelling on UK domestic flights can travel without photo identification provided that they are travelling with an accompanying adult.

International flights

The documentary requirements for passengers on international flights are a valid passport or national identity card supported by any other relevant documentation such as visas where applicable.

Travel to the Czech Republic

Children aged 15 years or over travelling to Prague must have their own passport. A child on a parent’s passport is not an acceptable form of ID.